Technology Helps Businesses Go Green
By Business Green


The average office worker in the UK is said to print off around 50 sheets of paper each day. While the notion of email and e-documents has started to become mainstream, many employees are encouraged to create physical backups as a means of security. This means that even a small company can start to amass a staggering amount of files very quickly. While 70 per cent of office waste is recyclable, only 7.5 per cent of it reaches a recycling facility. Around 80.6m tonnes of paper enters the UK’s waste stream each year, making up almost a quarter of the total UK waste figures.

Switching to a cloud storage solution can vastly cut wasteful spending. 125,000 sheets of paper can be converted into around 2.5GB of data. Most online storage plans for businesses start at a minimum 1TB so even readily expanding business should be able to store its data without a problem. If you’d still like to have paper backups of important documents for archival purposes, consider storing them offsite. Spreading your data across multiple locations is actually much safer than having them in a centralized location as it eliminates the risk of everything being damaged by a single accident.


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