An Exquisite Experience of Opera

This spectacular event will provide the audience with an exquisite experience that includes Opera, Art, Song, Dance and Black History!

This will be different than your typical opera. We will provide the audience a chance to be exposed to a bit of opera, art song (still under the classical realm but on a different vein), a few spirituals, and maybe some cabaret (musical theatre-like songs).

The audience will get to learn about the history of black opera singers, learn which rappers and hip hop stars today were classically trained, and they’ll get to hear a bit about the journey of becoming an opera singer. From Taylor’s worldview. Often people go to the opera to see it, they’re blown away by it, and then they leave. They don’t get to ask questions or learn about the process. Here they will!

We will integrate a Q&A session on the history of African Americans in opera and parallel opera with hip hop!


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