Website Update

Website Update

We are starting a new section on the website, called Monday Morning Coffee. This will be a biweekly Monday posting, to go along with your favorite brew. I want to preface this by saying that I’m NOT a writer, and was a source of terror for my HS English teachers. You have been warned 🙂

Joking aside, our goal here at Parker Energy Solutions (PES) is to provide readers with a diverse focus. Our team is mostly in the energy space, but there is a lot more to us than just Mr. and Mr. Energy. KP and I bring a diverse viewpoint; he is currently in Saudi Arabia, while I’m in NW Ohio, USA (though originally from Central Europe). We offer different viewpoints on many things, both within and outside of energy, which we hope to discuss. We are also open to guest submittals, as long as they are done in a tasteful manner.

Blog topics will include (in addition to energy, O&G, and renewables) the wider world of sustainability, anecdotes from our site visits in the field, US & international developments, environmental policy, joys and pitfalls of running your own business, and more.

We are going through some exciting new developments here at PES. We hope you can join us on our journey.