Commercial & Industrial Rebate Program in Kentucky (PJM Energy Credits)

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Commercial & Industrial Rebate Program in Kentucky (PJM Energy Credits)

I wanted to give a follow-up to our previous post, which focused exclusively on PJM rebates for Ohio customers. This post focuses on Kentucky, specifically the eastern section that is part of PJM. I want to add the disclaimer, that the below info is based on my CURRENT understanding of Kentucky rebate programs. If/when we find out differently, we will revise this post as appropriate.

Believe it or not, Kentucky commercial and industrial customers can receive energy efficiency rebates, if they are in one of the many eastern Kentucky co-ops listed below.

If your electric bill says one of the following:

AND you completed an electric project (LED lighting, VFDs, some HVAC, compressed air, CHP, refrigeration, waste heat, etc.) since June 1, 2019, there is a good chance you have some ‘free’ money waiting for you. Again, think of this as a tax refund just waiting to be claimed.

Everything else is similar to the PJM rebates for Ohio customers. The rebates are offered to promote energy efficiency and to avoid grid blackouts. The rebate amount varies, but is ~$15/kW reduced for eastern Kentucky customers, and is paid annually for up to 4 years. Like Ohio, you can go back and claim rebates for previously completed projects.

Our role at Parker Energy Solutions is to help group/aggregate projects together, verify your claimed savings, assemble the paperwork, and submit the application. All we really need from you is a contractor invoice showing quantity and model numbers of equipment, recent electric bill, and W9. We can most likely take care of the rest, or as my former boss used to say, “Give a customer the check on a silver platter.”


If your business is interested, our contact info:

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