4 Seagate Center

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4 Seagate Center

Location: Toledo, OH

PJM Energy Market Rebates (Eligible 4 yrs): $4,900

First Energy Rebates: $17,500
Total Energy Demand Savings: 70 kW
Total Energy Savings: 350,000 kwh

Eyde Company, one of the largest real estate developers in Michigan, also has a 4-building commercial portfolio in downtown Toledo.?? 4 Seagate is one of their largest, with high-occupancy levels, but also high electric costs. It made sense to upgrade the existing T8 lighting to LEDs in early 2019. Payback on the project was just over ??? years, with estimated savings of ???? For this property, the company is also looking at a deep energy efficiency project, including retrofits to the HVAC system, improved controls for better zoning, and adding VFDs to the hot water and chilled water pumps.

Owner: Eyde Family of Companies
Electrical Contractor: ???